Tri State Hydraulics

Investment Value

Investing in the future

Having a dedicated design team working to push the boundaries of design and materials, and ensuring maximum reliability and efficiencies, underpins our success and forms the bedrock of our future growth. The pumps and systems are tested in our own facility using techniques developed with Manchester University Engineering and Technical Institute to simulate actual operating conditions.


Return on Investment

Our engineers’ unrivalled knowledge of RMI products and their applications enables us to offer the best solution when the full capital and lifetime costs of any project are calculated. The RMI commitment to operational productivity and return on investment does not end when the system is commissioned. We work with our customers throughout the lifetime of the system, collecting information, monitoring performance and fine tuning applications to improve performance and productivity.


Continued Success

RMI systems are designed to be the best available in their market sector, and are backed up by a skilled team of support engineers and agents around the world, making them the systems of choice for many major international organisations. We consider our policy of continuous dialogue with our partners essential to ensure the future success of RMI and its customers alike.

WATER HYDRAULICS RMI Pressure Systems Investment Value