Tri State Hydraulics


Uncompromising safety standards

RMI equipment is often installed in hazardous and challenging environments that are tough on equipment and workers alike. We never sacrifice safety for performance, which is why we exceed the requirements of all international safety standards and employ specialist engineers to focus entirely on operational safety. Our’ safety first’ design mantra and ‘three degrees of safety’ philosophy ensure that any failure always occurs in safe mode.

International Management

To ensure the equipment is used in the safest possible manner, our engineers travel the globe, checking that local operators are fully trained on all safety aspects. Our equipment and quality systems are tested and audited against many international standards and carry full accreditation. To provide the best service, we have local representation on all the major continents ready to assist clients’ own engineering teams.

Quality Control

All RMI equipment is designed, manufactured and supplied in accordance with European ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation, certified by Lloyd’s and governed by Quality Management Systems, to provide and maintain client and user service. Our systems are regularly audited and updated to ensure full and continued compliance.


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